A New Chapter – Announcing My New Book ‘The Gentle Sleep Book’.

I’ve really neglected this blog lately, sorry! I’m really hoping to start posting again regularly soon. The reason for my radio silence is I’ve been working on a new book and I am *so* excited about this one!

It’s all about sleep, but specifically all about gentle solutions for sleep problems (and when I say gentle, I really do mean gentle, not the pseudo gentle many others masquerade as when they are anything but!). No controlled crying (or other name which is said to be gentle, but is really controlled crying in a new guise), no pick up put down, no rapid return, no gradual withdrawal, no repeatedly returning toddlers to bed, no sleep reward charts – when I say gentle, I really mean gentle!

The book covers sleep from birth right the way through to age five. With lots of information about normal sleep and what to expect at each age, as well as some simple and easy to follow advice to gently get a bit more at each age, whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, bedsharing or sleeping in different rooms there really is something for everyone! It’s published early next year and is already available to pre-order HERE.

I’ve also just set up a corresponding website HERE which will list support organisations, resources and the like.

Until publication you can keep up to date and chat all things ‘gentle sleep’ with me and fellow like minded gentle parents at my new Facebook page HERE.



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