Parents, Stop Bribing Your Children with Christmas!

November and December herald a rising trend in the arsenal of parenting weapons. As Christmas looms parents increasingly seek to control the behaviour of their children through the threat of Santa and his Elves and manufacturers and marketeers increasingly profit from their desperation. Elf on the Shelf, personalised letters and videos telling children they willContinue reading “Parents, Stop Bribing Your Children with Christmas!”

Self Soothing: Why Babies Are Not Like Adults

Adults, children and babies all wake many times each night. ‘Sleeping through the night’ is a misnomer, it indicates something that is not biologically possible. We all sleep in cycles moving through light and deep sleep. At the end of each cycle a new cycle may immediately begin (giving the impression that the individual isContinue reading “Self Soothing: Why Babies Are Not Like Adults”

What the Heck Goes Wrong Sleep Wise at 8-10 Months?

One of the most popular blog posts I’ve ever written is all about the 4-5 month sleep regression. I need to make a confession, I lied a little bit in it. I gave the impression that things get a lot better after six months. And they do. Often though the improvement is only temporary andContinue reading “What the Heck Goes Wrong Sleep Wise at 8-10 Months?”

How Do You Stop Early Morning Waking?

How Do You Stop Early Morning Waking? This is probably one of the top three questions I get asked by parents.

Help! My Baby Always Cries in the Car.

I’m often asked “so, you don’t recommend controlled crying or ‘cry it out’, but what about when I’m driving and I absolutely cannot stop and my baby is screaming?”

How to Help Babies & Children With Clock Changes

There are two events each year that cause many parents stress and upset when it comes to child sleep – clock changes! I’m not going to de-rail this blog with my thoughts on this archaic practice (I’ve detailed them at some length in The Gentle Sleep Book). I will however focus on ways that you canContinue reading “How to Help Babies & Children With Clock Changes”

When Should Children Get Their Ears Pierced? (and musings on body autonomy).

Yesterday my daughter, who is eight and a half years old, got her ears pierced and it got me thinking about the ‘right age’ to do it. I am strongly against piercing the ears of a baby or toddler. Although relatively minor, ear-piercing is still mutilating the body in some way. Making holes in any partContinue reading “When Should Children Get Their Ears Pierced? (and musings on body autonomy).”

Let’s Talk About Bad Habits (and Baby and Child Sleep)

Bad habits. Rocking to sleep, feeding to sleep, cuddling to sleep, bedsharing…there are so many potholes and pitfalls to be avoided as a new parent. If you commit any of these heinous sins you are sure to end up with a child who is unable to sleep alone and you’ll still be rocking or breastfeedingContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Bad Habits (and Baby and Child Sleep)”

What Is Gentle Parenting and Why Should You Try It?

Gentle Parents are ‘mind minded’, that is they raise their children in a manner that they are aware and considerate of the child’s feelings. Too many parenting styles consider only the parent’s feelings when resolving problems, yet research shows us that the best way to raise an empathic child, or what many would call “a kind child” is to be empathic towards them.