The Gentle Sleep Book – Gentle Sleep Training Solutions from Birth to Five

I am so excited to announce that my third book, The Gentle Sleep Book, is published TODAY!

My aim with writing The Gentle Sleep Book is threefold:

  1. To get information about the reality of baby and child sleep out into society. Many parents really have no idea about the norms of infant and child sleep, through absolutely no fault of their own. Much of the advice parents are given, from those they trust (health visitors, doctors, family members, friends and childcare workers) is wrong. What society expects in terms of how long a baby or child should sleep for, when they should go to bed, when they should wake, when they stop needing milk at night and when they are able to ‘self soothe’ is ridiculously incorrect. Mainstream expectations are not based on evidence, they are based on outdated personal opinions. It’s time this changed.
  2. To get information about the risks and downsides of mainstream baby, toddlers and child sleep training out into society. In the book I talk about research which shows that many of the sleep training techniques employed by modern day sleep experts and professional do not work long term. In addition it is possible that these sleep training techniques could cause far more harm than good and certainly not solve the initial problem (if indeed there is a problem). Research has shown the importance of nurturing our children – and this nurturing shouldn’t only take place between 7am and 7pm. Night time parenting matters.
  3. To get information about gentle ways of slowly improving sleep out into society. Gentle ways that is. An increased understanding of the biology and psychology of children and what happens at night can highlight several ways that parents can gently improve their child’s sleep (and their’s) without risking any long term harmful effects, or indeed a ‘quick fix’ that doesn’t last.

In some ways the gsbcoverbook is a bit of a risk, I’m sure many parents would prefer techniques that would work in a week or less, but mine don’t. They take at least a month, maybe two. Sometimes there is no solution as often the problem is a construct of society, not a problem for the child itself and in these cases I hope the book will provide reassurance, confidence and support for the parents reading.

You can order now for immediately delivery on Amazon in the UK and The Book Depository if you are in the rest of the world.

The Gentle Sleep Book will be available in Romanian in June and in Turkish towards the end of the year. Stay tuned for news of other language translations.

I would love to hear what you think if you read the book, leave me your comments below. I would also be REALLY grateful if you would consider leaving an Amazon review!


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