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First Time Dads

You know how we all struggle to get our kids to sleep? Turns out it’s because we’ve all been doing it wrong. Both exhausted thanks to their children refusing to go down at night, Steve and Rich invited Sarah Ockwell-Smith – renowned parenting author and mother of four – onto the podcast to discuss her extensive scientific research into the art of getting babies to sleep.


Understanding Infant Sleep: Whether you are currently pregnant and wanting to get prepared, or it’s 3am and you’re right in the depths of new parenthood, Sarah’s fascinating insight, top tips and gentle reassurance will have you feeling better in one short episode!


Atomic Moms

Whining, biting, hitting, kicking, or screaming. What to do and how to discipline? Author, expert, and mom of 4, Sarah Ockwell-Smith is here to help

Live Happy

How to effectively discipline your children for a peaceful, harmonious family life, How to raise kids who will be emotionally intelligent, confident and independent and How to control your temper and reduce yelling in the household.

Big Blend Radio

More and more parents are discovering, that conventional approaches to discipline (such as praise & reward systems, punishment for bad behavior) often don’t work and can even lead to more frustration, resentment, and power struggles at home and in the classroom. Parenting expert Sarah Ockwell-Smith, discusses her new book “GENTLE DISCIPLINE: Using Emotional Connection – Not Punishment – to Raise Confident, Capable Kids”. In this pioneering approach, parents learn to break the cycle of repeating what they’ve  always done, and find a more effective, positive, and individualized method that takes into account not just the child’s behavior, triggers, and development, but also the parent’s triggers and negative influences.


The Floor is Lava

For parents who struggle to play with their children and how to become more playful


Mothering the Mother

On intuitive eating and not treating food as treats.


Mothering the Mother

On Second Baby preparation, guilt and self-care

Not Another Mummy Blog

On Second pregnancies and births, mother  guilt and exhaustion and sibling rivalry.