Sarah has appeared on many podcasts as a guest speaker about various topics. Click on the below links to listen:



The Pod Barber

Much-needed encouragement towards better parenting, including through being kind to ourselves.

Graham Allcott

In this episode we talk about how to be calm, self-kindness and why being a busy parent isn’t actually something to be proud of.

Zestology with Tony Wrighton

For parents who know that they need to be calmer to raise well adjusted, happy children, but who struggle with their own emotions and stress levels


On what really matters when it comes to parenting.



First Time Dads

On baby sleep – understanding the scientific research into the art of getting babies to sleep, with a focus on chatting with dads.


On newborn sleep and the fourth trimester: for those pregnant, or who currently have a newborn – top tips and gentle reassurance.



Atomic Moms

On Gentle Discipline: Whining, biting, hitting, kicking, or screaming. What to do and how to discipline?

Live Happy

How to effectively discipline your children for a peaceful, harmonious family life.

Big Blend Radio

On Gentle Discipline – learn to break the cycle of repeating what you’ve  always done, and find a more effective, positive, and individualized method.



Coffee and Cosleeping 

On the 7 most important aspects of Gentle Parenting and how to implement them.

Women on Top

On Gentle Parenting, Eating, Toddlers and Gentle Discipline.



The Floor is Lava

For parents who struggle to play with their children and how to become more playful



Mothering the Mother

On intuitive eating and not treating food as treats



Katie’s Crib

On Second pregnancies, births and preparing and helping your firstborn with the new arrival.

Mothering the Mother

On Second Baby preparation, guilt and self-care

Not Another Mummy Blog

On Second pregnancies and births, mother  guilt and exhaustion and sibling rivalry.

This Glorious Mess – Mamamia

How do you know when you’re ready to have another baby?


Tweens and Teens

Evolutionary Parenting

What about the forgotten tweens? From connection with our tweens, to anxiety, to social activism. Take a delve into the key areas that parents need to be aware of when it comes to parenting tweens.

Lunch Lady

Raising Tweens: Advice on how best to support and raise a tween.

Peace and Parenting

Talking kids 8 and up: making sure we guide without controlling and establish a deep emotional trust and connection