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Gentle Parenting and Me – By Sarah Storey

Welcome to the first of my special guest interviews on why gentle parenting matters to parents around the world. For this special first interview I chat with multi gold winning Paralympian Dame Sarah Storey about breastfeeding, bedsharing, tackling tantrums and postnatal bodies. Continue reading

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The Problem With ‘Attachment Parenting’ and How to Really Change the World

“One generation of deeply loving parents would change the brain of the next generation, and with that, the world”. (Charles Raison). I really believe this, I truly believe it is possible to change the world in less than one hundred … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding Benefits or Formula Risks – Does it make a difference?

I’m writing this post during world breastfeeding week, spurred on by the usual promotion of breastfeeding – romanticised photographs of smiling mothers and breastfeeding babies and the standard ‘breast is best’ taglines, usually followed by a list of breastfeeding benefits and … Continue reading

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Do Fathers need to Bottlefeed to Bond with their Babies?

“I want the baby to take a bottle so his dad can feed him and start to bond.” This is SUCH a strongly perpetuated myth, so many mothers express or give a bottle of formula so that their partners “can … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Attachment Parenting

The name that is! Yesterday I commented similar on facebook and was asked “why?”, so I spent the evening thinking about it a little more and these are my reasons (I will warn you many of them are VERY tongue in cheek … Continue reading

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What I Would Tell My First Time Self as a Fourth Time Mum

I’ve been thinking about this lots this week, but particularly today as it was around this day, 10yrs ago I conceived my first baby and 10yrs to me feels like a bit of a milestone so I’ve been doing much … Continue reading

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