The Devaluation of Motherhood (and Why it Matters).

Throughout human civilisation, mothers have been at the core of the family and indeed society itself. The family matriarch demanded respect. Hers was a position of authority and huge value.

The last one hundred and fifty years have consistently eroded the position of ‘mother’.

Motherless Mothers – Mothering Without a Mother Figure

I am a motherless mother. My mother died from breast cancer when  I was 21 and she 52 , 5 years before my firstborn child arrived. My journey as a mother has been bittersweet, I have loved finding a new dimension to myself,  I have loved viewing life with new eyes but I realise nowContinue reading “Motherless Mothers – Mothering Without a Mother Figure”

The Birth of a Mother

Ten years ago today my life changed beyond recognition Ten years ago today I endured the worst pain I have ever felt in my life Ten years ago today I endured more indignity than anybody should Ten years ago today I endured the scariest experience that has ever happened to me Ten years ago todayContinue reading “The Birth of a Mother”

What I Would Tell My First Time Self as a Fourth Time Mum

I’ve been thinking about this lots this week, but particularly today as it was around this day, 10yrs ago I conceived my first baby and 10yrs to me feels like a bit of a milestone so I’ve been doing much navel gazing wondering what I would do if (to quote Cher) “I could turn backContinue reading “What I Would Tell My First Time Self as a Fourth Time Mum”