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Is it Possible to do Gentle Sleep Training?

Is it possible to work with a baby’s sleep gently? Absolutely, because in every case it is not the baby that needs changing or fixing, it is usually something the parent is, or isn’t doing. That said, it is only possible to change sleep gently to a biologically appropriate level. The fact remains that babies don’t sleep through the night, while that may be a problem for parents in our busy world, the reality is there is normally nothing wrong with the baby. Continue reading

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The Gentle Sleep Book – Gentle Sleep Training Solutions from Birth to Five

Many parents really have no idea about the norms of infant and child sleep, through absolutely no fault of their own. Much of the advice parents are given, from those they trust (health visitors, doctors, family members, friends and childcare workers) is wrong. Continue reading

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A New Chapter – Announcing My New Book ‘The Gentle Sleep Book’.

I’ve really neglected this blog lately, sorry! I’m really hoping to start posting again regularly soon. The reason for my radio silence is I’ve been working on a new book and I am *so* excited about this one! It’s all … Continue reading

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