8 Ways to Encourage Better Baby & Toddler Sleep – Without Sleep Training

Sleep training tends to punish babies and toddlers for problems that don’t belong to them. They are left to cry, put down while they still need a hug, denied milk when they are hungry and ignored when they most need comfort. I don’t actually believe any parent wants this for their children, yet their exhaustion leaves them with no other choice. Or so they think. There are in fact, many ways to gently improve infant sleep that don’t involve any sleep training at all. Here are eight of them:

How to Calm a Crying Baby (and Get a Little More Sleep at Night)

Note: This is a collaborative post, please see author listing at the end. “My baby is only happy in my arms, the minute I put her down she cries.”  “She wakes every hour throughout the night, every night, I’m exhausted.” These and similar are statements frequently spoken by new parents, perhaps you’ve even said themContinue reading “How to Calm a Crying Baby (and Get a Little More Sleep at Night)”