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What to Do When Children Bite, Push, Shove, Hit and Throw

how me a young child that doesn’t ever bite, push, shove, hit or throw and I’ll show you a pig that flies. These behaviours are just part of the territory that comes with being little. They don’t mean that the child is ‘naughty’ or ‘bad’ and in most cases are not a reflection of ‘bad parenting’ either.  For most children they are simply down to biology. Continue reading

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Publication Day for my Toddler Parenting Book! Bye bye naughty step, time out and controlled crying!

I am so excited to announce that my toddler book, ToddlerCalm, is published today!! If you’re looking for more gentle ways to cope with your child’s behaviour, whether that involves tantrums, picky eating, throwing, hitting, biting, sibling rivalry or not … Continue reading

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