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Why Common Discipline Methods Don’t Work (and What to do Instead)

most common discipline methods focus on encouraging children to do and be better, so that they are motivated by rewards if they behave ‘well’ and punishments if they misbehave. This would seem sensible, but it makes one huge mistake. Continue reading

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Taming Toddler Tantrums? It’s Common SENSE!

I do love an acronym and this one came to me in my (almost) sleep last night, as do most of my writing ideas (frustratingly!). So I’d like to introduce you to my super easy to use common SENSE (© Ockwell-Smith … Continue reading

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8 Top Tips To Use When Your Toddler is Having a Tantrum

To date I have blogged quite a bit about the reasons why toddlers tantrum and how to reduce the occurrence of tantrums, however what I haven’t done yet is to give you some simple tips for ways to cope when … Continue reading

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