VLOG: Is Feeding Your Baby to Sleep a Bad Habit?

I’m commonly contacted by parents asking the following questions:

“I’ve been told that I shouldn’t feed to sleep and instead I should put my baby down ‘drowsy but awake’. Is it true that feeding to sleep is a bad habit?”

“I think I’ve created a sleep problem by breastfeeding when my baby wakes in the night. Should I stop doing it?”

“My partner breastfeeds at night and our baby won’t let me settle him as a result. How can we break this bad sleep association so I can settle him?”

It seems that ‘sleep trainers’ everywhere are fixed upon scaring parents away from feeding to sleep and feeding in the night. It’s commonly considered a poor sleep association, a bad habit or problematic. In this video I discuss this issue and tell you the truth!


About SarahOckwell-Smith

Sarah Ockwell-Smith, Parenting author and mother to four.
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