VLOG: The Importance of Bedtime Routines for Babies & Toddlers (and how to create a good one!)

I thought it was about time I ventured into the world of vlogging, so I’m pleased to bring you my very first video!

This one is all about bedtime routines, why they’re so important, why you shouldn’t be scared of them, why being child led is not always great and how to create the most ‘sleep friendly’ bedtime routine.

Happy watching!


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About SarahOckwell-Smith

Sarah Ockwell-Smith, Parenting author and mother to four.
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4 Responses to VLOG: The Importance of Bedtime Routines for Babies & Toddlers (and how to create a good one!)

  1. freddieandi says:

    I found this really useful thank you, my baby is 11 months old and we’re always child led and I am always scared of the word routine lol, but I will definitely be trying this x

  2. Amie Sell says:

    Very nice!
    I have a 3 almost 4 year old daughter, a 2.5 year old son and a 4 month old son. My eldest two are amazing sleepers and bedtime is not a problem for us at all, it never has been because our routine has always been the same. My friends always ask how I do it and praise how good they are, I try to convince them its no sweat and easy to implement, I’m often met with skepticism!!
    You raise interesting points about everything happening in one room, I’ve not tried this! We live all on one floor and for some reason always seem to get dressed and read stories in the living room! I let them pick a story each also so once they are dressed they go pick a book from their shelves, it works nicely for us and if I feel the book isn’t appropriate I ask the to choose a different one and put the original choice on the table to read in the morning. As you said, this is how its always been so the children are confident with the routine and know what’s coming next etc so bedtime is a nice time of day for us.
    We also don’t worry about timing, it always starts half an hour after dinner and ends when it ends 🙂
    Its great because they can sleep anywhere, they sleepover at grandparents, in hotels, tents etc all no problem because its always the same process!
    Really great video, I’m sure many will find it informative and helpful 🙂 best one I’ve seen anyway!

  3. Sandy Butterfield says:

    Thank you for the amazing video! My son had irregular sleeping routines so I was really worried as how will he manage once he starts going to preschool, but thankfully he didn’t have any many problem as the teachers at were really patient and they tried really good techniques to develop routine for him!I will surely show these videos to them as it might be helpful to them!

  4. Sherrie says:

    The video has some great advice and tips. I was just wondering what you would do to ensure Bub will be awake for his bedtime routine? My 6month old sometimes will be due for what I think is a nap at about 5.30pm after 2-2.5 hrs of wake time but will end up sleeping as if it’s bed time. Do I extend his wake time so that he doesn’t sleep until his scheduled bed time? Or do I wake him up so that we can go through the routine? Or is it best to just let him sleep?

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