What is Gentle Parenting?

What is Gentle Parenting? In my opinion it can be summed up with just four words: 1. Empathy 2. Respect 3. Understanding 4. Boundaries 1. Empathy Parenting with your child’s feelings in mind as much as possible. Using empathy (or what some psychologists call ‘mind-mindedness’) to gain insight into your child’s behaviour and using empathyContinue reading “What is Gentle Parenting?”

How to Heal from a Traumatic Birth & Bond with Your Baby

Bonding issues are so common but so rarely discussed in our society, there is such a stigma attached to a new mother who isn’t head over heels in love with her newborn. Commonly these feelings appear after a traumatic birth experience and it is with this in mind that I am writing this post. TheContinue reading “How to Heal from a Traumatic Birth & Bond with Your Baby”

How to Calm a Crying Baby (and Get a Little More Sleep at Night)

Note: This is a collaborative post, please see author listing at the end. “My baby is only happy in my arms, the minute I put her down she cries.”  “She wakes every hour throughout the night, every night, I’m exhausted.” These and similar are statements frequently spoken by new parents, perhaps you’ve even said themContinue reading “How to Calm a Crying Baby (and Get a Little More Sleep at Night)”

Why I Hate Attachment Parenting

The name that is! Yesterday I commented similar on facebook and was asked “why?”, so I spent the evening thinking about it a little more and these are my reasons (I will warn you many of them are VERY tongue in cheek and over-exagerated  before you get upset! I fit quite neatly into the ridiculous examples IContinue reading “Why I Hate Attachment Parenting”